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Big win for the Portugal golden VISA, allowing birthright citizen ship from tomorrow

Children born to immigrant parents, nonetheless 1 in 2 or both who have lived in Portugal for a year lawful or else will be able to claim birthright citizenship starting from tomorrow. It became authenticated and proofed as soon as it came out because it got featured on government newspaper and the president de Sousa’s announcement of the newly established law of nationality on 3rd November.

Even though children who were born in Portugal already had the right to claim citizenship if one of their parents have lived in Portugal for 2 or more years but with the establishment of this new law, the time duration of residency got changed o 1 year. To make this matter appear more crystal-clear Patricia Valadas Coriel of Lisbon-based Valadas Coriel & Associados says “this law allows children born in Portugal to obtain Portuguese citizenship if one of the parents were living in Portugal for the last year, legally or illegally.” This means that a parent with the possession of Portugal’s golden visa, living in Portugal for a year and consequently have a child will be able to file for citizenship of Portugal for that child at the time at birth, no matter if they only proved the physical presence for 7 days.

This newly desirable nationality law added a major milestone in the path of success for Portugal. As it is the only law in Europe to enable jus soli needed period of residency. In 2018, one more boost came to Portugal nationality law when it allowed foreigners who stayed in Portugal’s for five years eligible for naturalization. Following the year , real-life cases proved that Portugal really when it comes to establishing a law, executed it and granted the foreigners who had golden visa and even the one’s who spend the minimum amount of required days in the country eligible for legal residency and naturalization.

Presenting the AMIGOS Act to united states Portugal is trying to get in the line for becoming United States E1 and E2 treaty country. The law was presented last year in the House of Representatives and from that time has been read twice by the senate. If the bill gets approved it will allow Portugal’s nationals to live and run business in the united states.

Nov 1st: Cyprus terminating its citizenship by investment program:

Terminating its very popular and highly favorable among its people citizenship by investment program, Cyprus authorities have confirmed the news of it eliminating the citizenship by investment program. A video report published by Al Jazeera in which House President Syllouris, Akel MP Christakis Giovanis, and many more were seen to be giving the impression of showing their willingness for terminating the program and to assist a very questionable profiled Chinese business man.

According to a government spokesperson the termination will take place on November 1st. Government official also added that the decision was based on a proposal presented by Interior Minister Nicos Nouris and Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides and the new CIP would be introduced with the completion of the terminating of the new law.

The Office of President Nicos Anastasiades today tweeted the following (translated with Google): “The Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Ministers of Finance and Interior for the abolition of this investment program from 1/11/20. The proposal was based on the timeless weaknesses but also on the abusive exploitation of the provisions of the program”.

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