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The 9 most-read stories in 2020 on imidaily.com

  1. Which RCBI-Countries Have Handled COVID-19 Best So Far?
    According to RCBI rules the computable analysis that we did in April on which country has performed more in repressing corona virus didn’t show that much results as were expected. However, many mainstream media reporters documented the story about the countries which were able to control the corona virus pandemic and in conclusion it generated 40,000 readers of the report n IMI.


  1. Portugal to Allow Birthright Citizenship from Tomorrow: Major Win for Golden Visa
    Finally, after going through many torn hopes of becoming a resident. Portugal at long last allowed the families (parents) of offspring’s living in Portugal to finally be able to apply for ius soil. Although, still the new rule doesn’t allow for them to have a nationality same as compare to the people who were born there, but still, it’s a major milestone in Portugal path to have a prosper and delighted nation.


  1. After Rejecting Up to 90% of Applications, Malaysia Freezes MM2H, again
    The Malaysian government set off on rather “light” off the record program of postponement in late 2019, by eliminating some of 90% of the whole applications that came in for their MM2H residency program. Malaysian government most expressly said in July, that its most famous residency granting program would be eliminating pending reforms. However, government hinted at that time that the activities would resume in December 2020, but people are still waiting.


  1. Dominica to Launch Entrepreneur Visa With 2-Year Path to Citizenship
    Our readers tend to likes stories and articles about residency and citizenship and also rumors regarding these topics. Dominica’s Prime Minister Skerrit sat with our reporter on one of his own talk shows about the upcoming Entrepreneur Visa program which was planned to launch in January, communities who invested in migration program were absolutely pleased.


  1. Saint Lucia Introduces Half-Price COVID-Relief Bond, Slew of Other Discounts
    Announcements of news and discounts on a specific topic tends to reach audience very quickly. When Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Chastanet announced a COVID-19 relief bill by announcing a 50% cut in bond investment requirement.


  1. Grenada CIP Developer Caught on Camera Promoting Illegal Discounts: CIU Investigating
    Collecting real estate development funding and using it to provide unauthentic discounting of Caribbean CIPs has been going on for quite a while. However, it is not usually common to see a developer willingly admitting to these let alone using these as a selling point for business in such unlawful acts. But this is explicitly happened in July’s webinar.



  1. 7 Reasons the E2 Visa is The Next Big Thing in US Immigration From 2021 Onwards
    Returning problems in the EB-5 program which up to now has been a tight spot for Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians. However, it could soon become a major obstacle for applicants applying from around the world. Nonetheless it helped angie Rupert’s analysis report of E2 visa future rose up.


  1. Italy Halves Minimum Investment of “La Dolce Visa” to EUR 250,000 – But Will Investors Bite?
    Italy’s golden visa which IMI has given a name of La Dolce Visa rose to prominence in becoming a competitive European visa applicant option this year. Although its still falling back from its sisters’ countries like Portugal and Greek by -€500,000 low risk investment option. Italy done this by eliminating the requirement of physical and residence and then by allowing applicants to invest through their companies.


  1. Historic Comeback for Portugal Golden Visa: May 2020 Best Month on Record
    Portugal’s golden visa applicant came back with a loud prominence in may following the steep low rate of applicants in march and April. Explicitly, beating all the previous records by a handsome average, presenting a daily average of EUR 5 million in may.


Distinguished by its fast growth and limited levels of competition. Pakistan ranked as the third most eligible for the RCBI market in 2020 Investment Migration Market Eligibility Index.

Excessive demands, withered down by absence of purchasing power:

Pakistani people come among the least of travel and conclusive liberty of any nation, with a quality of national index by just 7.5%. coupled with too little economic liberty, widespread fraud and sectional intensity drives utmost interest in all forms of emigration from the country. In conclusion about a third of the 9 million intense migration resulted settling in the English-speaking world. Investment migration sums up only a small element of all around emigration from Pakistan, despite its GDP per capita being US $1.185 in 2019. Despite Pakistan’s GDP being lower than its neighbor India by 25% but it still resulted in generating a huge number of 6.1 million which being four times bigger than that of its southern neighbor between the period of 2015 to 2019. According to the GDP, only four countries have a higher chance of taking part in IM programs: Vietnam, turkey, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Population of 221 million people:

Defeating brazil in population arena, Pakistan became the world fifth largest country this year and is set to make a quarter billion more within decade. Although half of Pakistan’s population considered to be of people under 20 years of age. Karachi and Lahore being the biggest in population and major in economic stand are a home of 30 million or so people. Pakistan will indeed see its major cities transform into more development in the next coming decades. However, Pakistan urban rate is still below 40%. Karachi will house more or so of 26 million people in the coming ten years as estimated by UN population.

Pakistan’s population centers are concentrated along the Indus river. While Karachi is the bigger city proper, Lahore is at the center of a much larger mega-region.


With the grand population and urban development alone, it promises to deliver successive paths of new HNWI for all of which is set to be virtually surefire to consider investment migration. Pakistan became the 8th fastest growing country in the manner of Ultra-HNWI population between 2013 and 2018 with annualize growth of 8.4% as estimated by wealth-X.

RCBI participation programs with understanding requirements for English-speaking countries:

Pakistani RCBI programs consider their position at the earliest rather than determining it in its maturity. Their phases of success as well as their openness to constantly deporting. These 3-program listed as:

  • The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur
  • US E2
  • Australia BIIP

They all have pretty understanding principal requirement and call for significant physical presence.

Participation in CIPs grow by a sharp 68% for which nationality data is published. Despite all over the number of investor migrants in Pakistan rose by only 10% between 2015 to 2019. Pakistan has become most explicitly popular by a handsome margin. Although it is not the right number but it is estimated that among between 150 to 300 applicants applying for turkey have devised from Pakistan.

Less cost/high difficulty:

Pakistan law says that its nationals that resides abroad are not nationals as they have renounced their Pakistani citizenship and taken on anther one. However, government authority to implement law is limited and there exist such a law that eliminates the requirements that exists between Pakistan and the other country. Pakistan has signed such agreement with 19 countries for which Jordan is the one under CBI authority from October 2020. Pakistan is in talks with turkey to settle on an agreement of dual citizenship which will be beneficial to both Sunni Muslim countries.

ARY-AAA Associates, Aqua Investments, Bayat Group, and Mahandru Associates are the major RCBI expert firms in Pakistan. Lalani & Associates and HF Corporation are also among the well thought of domestic providers.

Pakistan has skilled and highly professional RCBI experts but it suffers from very low all-around cost level. Therefore, urging foreign experts to come and take a post of executive is very difficult and requires advanced benefits for hardships and risks.

Pakistan rank 108th in the world for easy to business in a country. Real world challenges of introducing and running a business in Pakistan is also considerably easy in Pakistan. Pakistan has implied tough rules on foreign exchange considering all the crimes that generate from this if not kept an eye on this. Reprimanded by FATF for Pakistan’s inability to throw terrorism financing out of the country. Coupled with heritage foundation distinguished as “excessive state involvement in the economy” that correspond to artificial barriers to grow which if we eliminate them would end up hasten the capital build up.

This is our latest issued report on RCBI markets in 2020:

This report contains all the golden points that need to be known on each of the world’s ten highest-ranked RCBI markets according to the Investment Migration Market Eligibility Index© (IMMEI).

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