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Breeo Immigration is a full-service immigration and citizenship consultancy firm, specializing in the most demanding countries for immigration and citizenship. We are aimed at providing our clients with the finest and honest consultancy and impeccable adjustment, wherever they want to immigrate to, with hassle-free and cost-effective solutions. We provide services to employers, corporations, individuals, and families from all around the world. Our highly qualified and vastly experienced team of consultants and experts is all equipped to provide our clients with focused services as per their needs.

How We Work?

  • Direction on financial criteria for getting citizenship/residency
  • Assistance in the entire process
  • Tailor-made approach for each client
  • Updating candidates regularly
  • Delivering the best results regarding your case
We are passionate
We are a firm driven by passion. We devote ourselves to providing premier services to ensure successful Immigration for clients and we are leading in the provision of successful Immigration and citizenship to our clients.
We have expertise
Clients can expect Breeo Immigration to achieve the best possible outcome by our sound knowledge of immigration and citizenship policies and strategic approaches to unique immigration situations. We have a number of programs to choose from, we can quickly assess your situation and narrow it down to the one that is right for you.
We believe in transparency
We value integrity which is why it is important to us that you understand how your application will be handled. As such, we make it a priority to inform you regularly every step of the process on updates about your application. Where you have concerns, they are addressed immediately.
We’re quick and apt
We value your time and dreams. We have a strong desire to reach our clients’ dreams as soon as we can. We are all set to address our client’s concerns as fast as possible.
Hassle-free &cost-effective
Our motto is to provide our clients with impeccable adjustment wherever they immigrate to with hassle-free and cost-effective solutions.
We offer tailor-made services
Our group will encourage you to address every issue. We provide a custom-made team per application, guaranteeing in meeting every prerequisite.

We thrive to help and guide people who aspire to immigrate. We aim to make sure that every client receives quality service and fair individual assistance which can help them realize their true potential and allow them to make an informed the choice for their future.


To be a leading Foreign Immigration Consultancy Firm by providing innovative & economic immigration and settlement solutions for all.


We deal with a right pathway channeled in a way which leads to the ultimate goal of the client success. All the procedures and strategies dealing in terms of documentation or legal assistance are impartial. The services we offer are of high quality with no association of any low-cost third-party practices.

Our Team

Mr. Imran Saeed Khan
Business Advisor
Husnain Haider Tarar
Zain Ahmed Butt
General Manager/CBI Advisor
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