Australia Residency by Investment
Australia Residency by Investment


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Why Choose Australia

Australia, right in the middle of the Asia-Pacific area, has lots of different landscapes, like the famous Outback and beautiful beaches. There are long stretches of sandy shores and colorful coral reefs full of fish, which are great for people who love the sun and water. Australia has a mix of cultures, including Indigenous traditions, and its cities are really cool places to visit. It's got a strong economy and lots of chances to invest in different businesses. With its beautiful nature and modern lifestyle,

  • Experience the Culture

  • Opportunities for Growth

Residency By Investment Overview

Australia’s immigration system operates on an objective and merit-based framework, providing predictable outcomes for applicants. To maintain their residence status, known as the Australia Visa, permanent residents must either reside in the country for a minimum of two years within a five-year period or demonstrate significant ties to Australia.

Currently, new applications for the Business Innovation and Investment Program are not being accepted. A new investor program is anticipated to be introduced in 2025.


Minimum invesment of ASD 2,500,000

Processing time

12 months

Key benefit

Approximately five years to citizenship

Important Update

Breeo Immigration is anticipating the introduction of a new investor program in 2025, following the closure of the Business Innovation and Investment Program to new applications. Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming opportunity.

Australian Residency By Investment

At Breeo Immigration, we help visa applicants meet the specific criteria for their visa subclass. These criteria may be required at the time of lodgment, decision, or both. Applications can be refused if criteria are not met at the correct time. All visa subclasses require applicants to meet health, character, and public interest standards.

Permanent residents must either spend at least two years in Australia within a five-year period or show significant ties to the country to maintain their status.

The Australian visa process is structured and regulated by laws and policies. Processing times vary by visa type, with priority given to applications that benefit the country most, such as skilled visas, which are processed faster than family visas.

The Business Innovation And Investment Program

The Business Innovation and Investment Program offers four visa streams:

The Global Talent Independent Program

The Breeo Immigration Global Talent Independent Program offers a seamless route to permanent residency for highly skilled executives, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Crafted to foster growth in Australia’s innovation and technology sectors, this program aims to facilitate skill transfer, drive innovation, and generate job opportunities for Australians. 

The Australian government is actively scouting the finest global talent across ten forward-looking sectors.

Applicants for the Breeo Immigration visa must possess international recognition and be distinguished leaders in their respective fields. They must furnish evidence of remarkable accomplishments throughout their career and demonstrate their potential to enrich Australia in their specialized area. Additionally, they should exhibit ease in securing employment or establishing themselves in their field within the country. This opportunity extends to PhD graduates and select PhD students nearing thesis completion, showcasing exceptional talent and international acclaim in a targeted sector.

Key Benefits Of An Australian Residency Visa

Procedures And Time Frame Of The Australia Residency Visa

At Breeo Immigration, we ensure a transparent and structured process for the Australia Golden Visa. Governed by laws, regulations, and policies, the Australian visa application journey adheres to legislative instruments. The Department of Home Affairs oversees visa cancellations, compliance exercises, and regulatory measures within the migration agent industry.

Visa applications from abroad are evaluated by immigration attachés at the nearest Australian embassy, while domestic applications are processed by immigration offices within Australia. The Department of Home Affairs is transitioning towards online lodgment for all temporary and permanent residence visa applications.

Application processing times vary but typically span 12 months. The Department of Home Affairs prioritizes visa assessments based on their economic benefits, with skilled visas processed faster than family visas. Service standards for application time frames are regularly updated and accessible online.

Australian visas are digitally attached to passports, eliminating physical visa labels. An online portal enables individuals and employers to verify visa statuses and associated work conditions effortlessly