How Intention Matters For Canada PNP Applicants?


As the immigration candidates to Canada through provincial nomination programs (PNP) rises, applicants gain the advantage of choosing their preferred province, amplifying their Express Entry score post-provincial nomination for improved prospects of Canadian permanent residency.

However, navigating the PNP route entails distinct obligations compared to federal programs. Exploring means to secure a provincial nomination and fulfilling settlement obligations are crucial aspects recently discussed in a CIC News article.

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Canadian citizens and permanent residents enjoy the liberty to settle and work in any province, as per Section 6 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Thus, after obtaining Canada PR via PNP or federal programs, PR holders can relocate across the nation.

Province or territory selection involves fostering conditions to attract and retain immigrants, tailoring selection processes, and nominating candidates committed to settling and contributing to the region’s socio-economic landscape.

PNP applicants follow a two-step application process: applying directly to the desired region and adhering to regional program criteria throughout. Subsequently, nominated individuals must seek permanent residence from IRCC, where stringent assessments ensue.

Demonstrating a genuine intent to settle in the nominated province upon arrival is imperative. These intentions, accompanied by documented evidence, substantiate commitment and contribute to the province’s economic prosperity.

In contrast, federal immigration applicants not receiving provincial nominations retain the flexibility to settle in any Canadian province or territory upon arrival.

Recent Express Entry draws targeted STEM occupations, issuing 4,500 invitations to candidates with a minimum CRS score of 491. This followed a general draw inviting 1,280 candidates with a CRS score of 549, marking the highest minimum CRS score in 2024 thus far. The draws encompass applicants from all Express Entry programs: Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades.

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