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Why Choose Dominica

Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program unlocks a world of travel freedom. Owning a Dominica passport means you can explore over 150 countries visa-free or with a quick visa on arrival. Imagine the possibilities! Dominica's CBI program has also invested in infrastructure improvements, including a brand-new airport that makes international travel even easier. Jetting off to Europe, the Caribbean, or North America becomes a breeze with your Dominica CBI passport.

  • Dominica's Natural Beauty

    Dominica, among the most stunning Caribbean islands.

  • Citizenship by Investment

    Established citizenship by investment program in 1993

  • Economic Development Initiative

    Aimed to bolster investment and economic growth.

  • Historical Background

    Former British colony, now part of the Commonwealth

Citizenship By Investment Overview

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program necessitates an economic contribution to the country. In return, applicants and their families receive full citizenship.



Minimum donation of USD 100,000

Processing time

6-8 months

Key benefit

Freedom of travel and visa-free access to over 140 destinations worldwide

Important Update

Breeo Immigration is eagerly awaiting the launch of a novel investor program in Dominica, slated for 2025. This follows the cessation of new applications for the existing Citizenship by Investment Program. Stay informed for further updates on this exciting prospect.

Dominica Citizenship By Investment

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is governed by $ 101 of the nation’s constitution and $$ 8 and 20 of the Citizenship Act. This program empowers the government to confer citizenship upon individuals meeting specific criteria and policy guidelines, thereby bolstering Dominica’s economic investment initiatives. Under this program, eligible applicants have the opportunity to obtain citizenship in exchange for making a qualifying economic contribution to the country. This initiative plays a crucial role in attracting foreign investment and stimulating economic growth in Dominica.

Benefits Of The Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program

Requirements Of Dominican citizenship By Investment

To be eligible for citizenship under the current regulations, single applicants have the choice between two options:

Procedures And Time Frame Of The Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program

Applicants and dependent family members aged 16 and older must participate in mandatory virtual interviews conducted via a secure platform. Additionally, they are required to solemnize their allegiance before an authorized notary, justice of the peace, or commissioner of oaths. Following the oath-taking ceremony, the citizenship application undergoes further processing, culminating in the issuance of citizenship certificates.


While there is no compulsory physical residency mandate, the government encourages new citizens to engage more deeply in the economy, offering substantial incentives to facilitate increased involvement. Successful applicants hold the prerogative to establish residence in Dominica at their discretion and for any duration.


Should an applicant have previously been denied a visa by a country with which Dominica has a visa-free travel agreement, obtaining a visa from that country subsequently becomes necessary for eligibility.


Applications are meticulously reviewed by a dedicated government authority known as the Citizenship by Investment Unit, operating within the Ministry of Finance. The current processing period for applications stands at three months from the receipt of a fully completed application.