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Why Choose Egypt

Egypt is an independent country located in northeast Africa, encompassing the Sinai Peninsula which acts as a geographical link to Asia. Renowned for its rich ancient civilization and iconic pyramids, Egypt holds a prominent position as a political and cultural powerhouse in the Middle East. Additionally, it serves as a crucial hub for maritime trade, boasting one of the world's most vital seaports.

  • Experience the Culture

  • Opportunities for Growth

Citizenship By Investment Overview

Egypt permits foreign nationals to invest in the country and acquire Egyptian citizenship as a result.



Minimum contribution of USD 250,000

Processing time

9–12 months

Key benefit

Freedom of travel to Egypt, Jordan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, among others

Important Update

Breeo Immigration is eagerly anticipating the unveiling of a new investor program in Egypt, scheduled for 2025, following the closure of new applications for the current Citizenship by Investment Program. Stay tuned for more information on this promising opportunity.

Egypt Citizenship By Investment

In March 2020, the Egyptian government announced a revised citizenship law (initially established in 2019) allowing foreign investors to obtain citizenship through a financial contribution. A dedicated citizenship by investment unit has been established to manage the program, aimed at attracting foreign direct investment.

Benefits Of The Egyptian Citizenship By Investment Program

Requirements Of Egypt Citizenship By Investment

The Egypt Citizenship by Investment Program outlines several key requirements for prospective applicants seeking citizenship through investment. Foremost among these is the obligation to make a specified financial contribution to the country’s economy, as determined by the government.

To qualify for citizenship, applicants must choose one of the following investment options:

Procedures And Time Frame Of The Egyptian Citizenship By Investment Program

Applicants must be in good health and have a clear police record. All investments must be in US dollars and transferred from abroad. Donations and bank deposits must be made into a special account of the Citizenship by Investment Unit at the Central Bank of Egypt treasury.

The processing time is nine to twelve months from submission of the application to approval.