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Breeo Immigration is a full-service immigration and citizenship consultancy firm, specializing in the most demanding countries for immigration and citizenship. We are aimed at providing our clients with the finest and honest consultancy and impeccable adjustment, wherever they want to immigrate to, with hassle-free and cost-effective solutions. We provide services to employers, corporations, individuals, and families from all around the world. Our highly qualified and vastly experienced team of consultants and experts is all equipped to provide our clients with focused services as per their needs.


We thrive to help and guide people who aspire to immigrate. We aim to make sure that every client receives quality service and fair individual assistance which can help them realize their true potential and allow them to make an informed choice for their future.


To be a leading Foreign Immigration Consultancy Firm by providing innovative & economic immigration and settlement solutions for all.


We deal with a right pathway channeled in a way which leads to the ultimate goal of the client success. All the procedures and strategies dealing in terms of documentation or legal assistance are impartial. The services we offer are of high quality with no association of any low-cost third-party practices.

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“Our philosophy of quality services, professional care and no discrimination against clients goes beyond the fields of education, tourism and immigration. The ‘Breeo Way’ is to deliver unprecedented services and to treat the clients with utmost respect and responsibility. Our mission to provide unparalleled services is ameliorated by our team’s creative strategies, professional attitudes and determination.

Breeo’s vision to set exemplary standards in the immigration field is met by our team’s incomparable efforts in providing quality services and customer satisfaction. In this highly technical world, we are devising modern ways to innovate and expand into both national and international markets by inculcating diverse ideas to enhance our company’s frameworks. We at Breeo, take pride in committing ourselves to repeatedly challenge and innovate in a way to create a safe space for client’s contentment and safety. Our team of highly skilled professionals is working tirelessly towards the improvement of the company’s performance in order to maximize the benefits of the parties involved.”

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Mr. Zain Ahmad Butt did  MBA marketing from Superior University, Pakistan. He is a certified person in Hospitability & Tourism Management by the University of Maryland, USA. Also, he is the only IMC certified from Switzerland. Side by side he also has certification in Design Thinking and Marketing and Communication from IBM Berlin, Germany.


We take pride in our services and we genuinely care. We promise you are not just a number. You as a personal matter to us. It is your future after all and we treat it with respect as though it was our own.  

Citizenship By Investment

An opportunity to become a legal citizen of a country alone or along with your family by investing in properties abroad. The second passport will open unparallel horizons of health, education, and work for you. Without losing your current citizenship you’ll be recognized by the law as a citizen of the other nation or state with the right to vote, participation in the affairs of state, rights to own property, unbound traveling to many countries, and opportunities in settling abroad.

Listed below are some of the premier programs offered by Breeo Immigration:

  • Turkey
  • Portugal
  • Commonwealth of Dominica
  • St Kitts & Nevis
  • Greece

Skilled Immigration

A gateway for the talented people who are eager to work in Australia, Canada or New Zealand opens gateways is the skilled immigration. The point-based visa requires points based on work experience, age, education, and English language. It’s a route suitable for the people who want to live and work permanently in the respective countries. It paves way for higher employment prospects and better work opportunities.

Some of the countries offering these programs and covered by Breeo Immigration are:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Australia

Express Entry

A point-based, fastest immigration program, where highest points profiles falling in the monthly draw range are picked for residency of Canada. The major fields where eligibility matters are educational history, work experience, and language skills.

If you have the following, apply right away:

  • Education (18 years maximum)
  • Work experience (More than 3 years)
  • IELTS (7.5 and above)

Business Immigration

A passageway for businessmen or entrepreneurs to move or start a new business channel abroad, leading to immigration of respective countries. The enthusiasts can use their assets in their home country as well as abroad to invest in the future of the country offering immigration, along with contributing to the country’s economy.

Our firm covers the following in this program:

  • Work Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Employment-based green cards
  • PR for super talented individuals

Job Seeking Visa

Germany’s special long-term residency job visa program allows the individual to move or visit Germany for seeking a job or obtaining work. It is one of the easiest and best visas to obtain in a very short period as all you need to have is sufficient education and work experience with proper documentation.

The eligibility criteria for this program:

  • Education (16 years minimum)
  • Work Experience (5 years minimum)

Certification Program

An exceptional Canada’s Special Program for professionals which doesn’t come under the category of Express Entry is offered just by Breeo Immigration. It offers a minimum of 2 years of certification in the respective field of education, leading to a settlement plan for the future. It’s a certification program, which leads to PR immediately. It’s a unique program with no specific eligibility criteria in which people with different profile backgrounds can apply. It’s a dedication of 2 years to a certification program, resulting in enhancing the profile to a level making it eligible for express entry.

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Asked Questions

Green Card is a process of getting citizenship. It mainly represents permanent residence (PR) which leads to citizenship. Obtaining a passport on the other hand is equal to citizenship.

There is no age limit for Canada Express Entry. Although, an individual within the age group of 20-29 gets a maximum point of 110 of age. Anyone below or above this age group, their points will start dropping.

There are some universities here in Pakistan, whose BS or MS is directly equivalent to 16- or 18-years equivalent. This can easily be confirmed by the link given below. This equivalency can be done using WES. For the rest of the institutions, IQAS is preferred.

Germany Job Seeking is valid for 6 months, but it can be applied multiple times. If the person manages to get a job offer in 6 months, this visa can easily be converted to a work visa or work permit.

All payments can be done in installments, all programs have a predefined installment plan, which is followed for each client.

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